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Rainbow Magic

An spectacular home picnic to spend an unforgettable evening with your best friends


Includes the rental of the following ítems

  • Teepees (double or single depending on the space available)

  • Mattress or rug ( for the teepee, depending on the availability)

  • Fitted Sheets

  • Blankets

  • Cushions

  • Lights

  • Garlands

  • Lanterns

  • Flowers

  • Dreamcatchers

  • Tablecloth, blanket or rug (depending on space and availability)

  • Chalk board to add special messages for the girls

  • Disco ball with music


Includes for each girl

  • Bottle of water

  • Candy bag or box



  •  Doll Kit, which allows the girls to bring to their special doll. The kit includes the rental of a kimono, blanket and pillow for the doll. 

  • Picnic table with or without cushions.  

Rainbow Magic Party

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