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Super Moon

Super Moon Party

An afternoon or an evening party where the magic of lights will help create the best dreams with your friends

Includes the rental of the following ítems

  • Teepees (double or single depending on the space available)

  • Mattress for each girl

  • Fitted sheets

  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Cushions

  • Robe for each girl

  • Breakfast table

  • Lights

  • Decorative lanterns with candles

  • Garlands

  • Flowers

  • Dreamcatchers

  • Tablecloth, blanket or rug (depending on space and availability)

  • Chalk board to add special messages for the girls

  • Disco ball with music


Includes for each girl

  • Bottle of water

  • Candy bag 



  • Doll Kit, which allows the girls to bring to their special doll. The kit includes the rental of a kimono, blanket and pillow for the doll.

  • Picnic table with or without cushions. 

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